Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 5 romantic offerings for your Valentine in Paris

Ok so you’ve arranged getting there and your Paris apartments reserved for your romantic Valentine’s weekend trip. Now to really sweep them off their feet; here’s a pick of the best ideas for spending quality time in Paris for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Take a romantic walk around the prettiest of Paris. A stroll along the Seine at twilight, in the charming Marais district, the dazzling Champs-Elysées or on the steep streets around Montmartre, is sure to set the mood. The latter provides stunning Paris views from the Sacré Coeur at its crest. Be sure to stop somewhere and warm up with a chocolat chaud in a tiny café.
  2. Have an intimate dinner by candlelight. This is just as romantic in your Paris apartment as it would be eating out, but do remember the candles and to dress the part. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, try some of the city’s world renowned cuisine. Reserve ahead in one of Paris’ upmarket brasseries.
  3. Spend a late morning browsing Paris’ markets. The farmer’s markets with cheeses and fresh crêpes are sure to whet your appetite, or rummage through antiques, jewellery and retro finds in the city’s excellent fleamarkets, such as the St Sulpice in Saint Germain.
  4. Watch an old film in one of Paris’ beaux-arts cinemas. For old-school cosiness, check out two particularly special picture houses in the Latin Quarter, Le Reflet Medicis or Le Champo. These offer up a selection of Film Noir and Nouvelle Vague, for a really ambient, arthouse feel.
  5. Just stay in bed all day! Get croissants from the bakery, put on your favourite music and arrange a romantic breakfast in bed, followed by a full day to relax and unwind from the comfort of your own Paris lovenest. This is sure to guarantee a perfect Valentine’s getaway in Paris.
  6. For more travel tips check out this Paris guide.

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